White supremacist Senate candidate praises anti-Semitic robocalls targeting Diane Feinstein

White supremacist Senate candidate praises anti-Semitic robocalls targeting Diane Feinstein

Patrick Little may be considered a long-shot candidate to replace California Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D). But that’s not stopping supporters from purchasing radio ads full of anti-Semitic slurs aimed at Feinstein — and calling on listeners to support Little, a neo-Nazi and avowed anti-Semite.

The 90-second robocalls, first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, peppered California airwaves this week. The robocall encouraged listeners to back Little, who the robocall says has “vowed to end Jewish control over America.” On Gab, the account for The Road to Power — which sponsored the robocalls — said over 350,000 of the robocalls had gone out to Californians.

Little told the Chronicle that he did not know of the robocall’s existence, but would not disavow the ad’s contents. “Show me the lie, and I will consider renouncing it,” he told the Chronicle.

On Gab, a social media platform popular among other white supremacists, Little celebrated the calls. “Great work, whoever did that,” Little said.

Little made waves last month when he placed second in a SurveyUSA poll of potential candidates for California’s June 5 primary, coming in at 18 points and trailing only Feinstein. While Little has not placed as high in other polls, his presence was enough for the California GOP to boot him from their May convention — after which Little stomped outside, spat on an Israeli flag, and complained that the “Republican Party of California is nothing but Zionist stooges.”

As perhaps the most outspoken anti-Semite currently running during the upcoming midterms, Little has called for official limits on official Jewish representation in the U.S. government, pushed Holocaust denialism and called for the deportation of Jewish-Americans. He has also said that if “he were a man of greater faith he would view Adolf Hitler as ‘the second coming of Christ.’”

Little has received outspoken support on sites like Gab where Little has often propounded his own conspiracies. In the midst of the fallout from the robocalls, for instance, Little posted on Gab that “It would be nice if there were some good graphics out there talking about how if I get elected, the American public will experience the truth about [September 11th].” He also announced that he will be appearing on the radio show of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke tomorrow.

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