We analyzed all the references in that 'Westworld' speech

We analyzed all the references in that 'Westworld' speech


In Sunday night’s Westworld episode, “Riddle of the Sphinx,” viewers got closer to understanding the true purpose of Westworld and the Delos corporation. Turns out, it’s what humans have been after for as long as we’ve been around: immortality.

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Viewers arrive at this revelation through the plot of James Delos, the Delos CEO before Ed Harris’ William/Man In Black takes over. In S2E2, we learned that James Delos was dying. And since he’s died, his son in law/protege William has apparently been using him as the guinea pig for reincarnation in an artificial body. In “Sphinx,” viewers see the progress of this experiment through three of 159 failed attempts by William to essentially bring back Delos from the dead by imprinting his mind onto a host body. Read more…

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