Pre-order 'Black Panther' on Blu-ray at Walmart to revisit Wakanda anytime you want

Pre-order 'Black Panther' on Blu-ray at Walmart to revisit Wakanda anytime you want


Marvel’s Infinity War may have smashed almost every box office record in the books, but let’s face it: You’re still as obsessed with Black Panther as you were on the day you first saw it. 

From establishing its own box-office breaking status to shifting the paradigm of blockbuster films  led by actors of color, we still can’t ignore the fact that Black Panther remains a juggernaut in its own right. If you’re sick of watching it in the theaters (yes, it’s still in theaters), then it it’s time to bring the Wakandan experience home by pre-ordering Black Panther on Blu-ray at Walmart.

The Wakanda hype train never stops.

The Wakanda hype train never stops.

Image: marvel studios

Relive T’Challa’s quest as he assumes his duties as King of Wakanda — an isolated and technologically advanced African nation — while he and his loyal subjects become caught up in his late father’s past mistakes, battling enemies to the throne that threaten Wakanda’s way of life and the world at large.

The Blu-ray release includes tons of deleted scenes and gag reels, as well as bonus features such as a look into the actors behind Wakanda’s fighting force — the Dora Milaje — as well as an exploration of Wakanda’s vibranium technology. It also features a look at the past 10 years of MCU movies and an exclusive sneak peek at its upcoming Ant-man and The Wasp. Read more…

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