How to create a website without knowing a thing about coding

How to create a website without knowing a thing about coding


What do Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Arianna Huffington all have in common? They all started their multi-billion dollar empires with a simple website.

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If you want to achieve even a quarter of their success, you should create one for yourself, too. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t have a business yet. You can use it as a digital business card for the time being, because in this tech-driven world, a website is a way of saying, “Hi, I exist!”

You don’t need coding skills to create a professional-looking website. A service like the Dragify WordPress Builder and Hosting Bundle will take care of the technicalities for you. This two-product bundle features an intuitive website editor that allows you to choose from over 200 pre-designed blocks, which you can then drag, drop, and edit according to your liking. The package also includes hosting with enterprise-grade security, so your website will be protected from hackers. Read more…

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