Here's why you shouldn't (always) laugh at dogs in strollers

Here's why you shouldn't (always) laugh at dogs in strollers


Congratulations! You’ve made it all the way past the headline of this story, which very likely made you livid. Now, bear with me while I try to explain.

Fact: Seeing a dog in a stroller is almost always a hilarious sight. But not all dogs deserve your mockery. Nor do their owners. Some dogs genuinely needs to sit in a stroller (wait before you comment) and might require something else — your empathy.

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Like many of you, there was once a period in my life where nothing made me laugh harder than seeing a dog in its own stroller. Clearly, strollers were made for human babies, not pampered dogs. I felt justifiably so superior to these privileged dog owners and their waifish, terrible dogs. My family dog came from the school of hard knocks, and was forced to walk the streets using her own goddamn paws. She didn’t wear booties in the winter. She just did it raw. Read more…

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