Critics think 'Deadpool 2' is more of the same

Critics think 'Deadpool 2' is more of the same


Can a sequel ever surpass the original, or will it fall flat and make no impression? In the case of Deadpool 2, results are somewhere in between, but skewing toward favorably justifying the film’s existenceMashable’s Angie Han says you’ll probably love it if you loved the first one, but that it may not surprise fans as Deadpool did.

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The evolving humor

Susana Polo, Polygon:

All these pieces are interesting in their own right but the connective tissue between them is about as subtle and smooth as the strained tendon in the neck of a Rob Liefeld character. Wade’s voiceover monologuing is fun when it supplements what’s on the screen, not when it’s forced to do the lion’s share of emotional exposition. Read more…

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